Youth Political Leadership Academy
Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leadership

Participants Selection criteria

In order to allow for broader youth participation in the Academy, the basic academic requirement has been fixed to at least studying at higher level of studies and above. This will allow youth with talent in politics to participant in the Academy without hindrance. However, the number of participants who will be joining the Academy shall continue to be four (two males and two females) from each political organization registered in Rwanda. The age limit of the participants shall be 35 years as stipulated by the Rwandan policy on youth, and the party leadership shall be responsible for the selection of their participants.

Language of Instruction

English shall be the Academy’s medium of instruction language but the trainers shall be required to have communication skills in Kinyarwanda and French.

Academy venues

In Kigali, the Academy venue shall continue to be at the premises of the Forum, while the trainings in Provinces shall take place into the hired conference rooms which will be communicate to you later. For the sessions held in Kigali, they will be during the week days’evening as it was for the first promotion and for the provinces sessions, they will be organized in the week ends.

Academy Regulations

For purposes of keeping high Academy standards and discipline, the already Academy Regulations will again be applied to all Academies.

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