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Kigali and Provincial Academy Sessions

By increasing the meaningful participation of the young leaders from countrywide in party activities and in national governance in general, the new arrangement of the YLPA is to conduct trainings in Kigali, while simultaneously conducting similar trainings, with the same content and using the same instructors/lecturers, in one of the provinces (rotating provincial academies with the intention to train more youth political leaders) in order to cover all provinces in a specified period. This year up to December 2012, the program shall start with the Northern Province, in Musanze District as the provincial training center (October 2011), Western Province, in Karongi District (January 2012) and Eastern Province, in Rwamagana District (May 2012).

Starting from the fiscal year 2012/2013, this training program implementation shall cover only tree (3) upcountry provinces (South, North and West) with regular Kigali Session for each one organized in the Provinces. This means that up to 2013, there shall be 480 participants political party youths estimated to have been benefiting from this training program.

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